Month: April 2014

Small changes

As someone who is dramatically affected by place, one would think that my home is a sacred haven of serenity. I wish that were the case! Because I am constantly learning, and my life is dynamic and ever-changing, there’s always something to improve on around my house.

I’ve been reading in a feng shui book about the Form School, how sometimes we can feel unsafe, which can then lead to discomfort, bodily stress, misalignment and more, within our homes.


Although safety IS a concern of mine in general, in my years of study and experimentation with feng shui and intuitive interior design, I haven’t paid that much attention to the power of feeling safe in my home. For the most part, I do feel safe, crime-wise. So what else is there to say about safety?
Because safety isn’t just about crime, house alarms, and smoke detectors. It’s about the safety of our health, the safety of our relationships, the safety of our food, and the safety being who we really are without defensives up all the time.

When we realize there is a much broader context with which to view safety, then we can more easily see that addressing our homes regarding health, purpose, relationships, and nourishment contributes to a more powerful existence. For example, I needed my birth certificate for something. I have a lot of files and I know one of them contains copies of important documents. So I searched and searched for it. Through all my piles of clutter and even my semi-organized file cabinets, I couldn’t find it (shocking!). That made me feel uneasy, scattered, annoyed. It’s a fairly important document and it wasn’t where I thought it was. That simple uneasiness had me feeling unsettled for over 24 hours (until I found it, basically). That unsettled feeling led to distraction, anger, frustration at myself for not putting the document away, which in turn led to strain on my relationship with my husband, and from there I’m sure my son felt it too.

All from the seemingly small thing of misplacing my birth certificate.

Seeing that safety relates to feeling safe in my skin, both literally and figuratively, had a huge impact on me. If I caught on earlier that a lack of feeling safe could transfer to my child, then I would’ve made different decisions about just moving something to an illogical place. My son got a “compromised” mama because I was caught up in where I put that important document and because of that my son might possibly feel unsafe, too.

My lack of organization and heaps of clutter aren’t just a headache, they can make my entire family feel uneasy, and worse, it wouldn’t necessarily be clear to us why we felt that way!

So I have made a commitment to go through my clutter and my paper piles so that I can reduce that unsafe feeling in my home. It’ll take a lot of time. It’s not the fun part of home decorating or even the instant gratification of vacuuming, but I know that feeling safe and secure is key to feeling comfortable. And feeling comfortable is key to living the life I want to live.