Making space


I recently rearranged and decluttered the entry room in my house. I’ve been meaning to clean and clear it for a long time. Over a year, to be honest. I knew I wanted to move a few pieces of furniture out of there, put some books away, and rearrange the seating. Above you’ll see a blank wall that used to have a piece of furniture up against it. It was a simple piece, not cluttered at all, and fit perfectly. For some reason, in our rearranging, when that piece moved elsewhere, we didn’t put anything back there to replace it.

It was weird to have the blank wall. At first, I just told myself, “Don’t worry, if you don’t like it, we can always shift things around again.” When talking to friends about the rearranging, I kept calling it a blank wall, as if it needed to be filled soon. Didn’t it? Wouldn’t everyone know that it was “missing” something?

That’s when it hit me!

I got a little anxious about the space that was there. There was a bit more freedom to move, and there was a place to rest my eyes in my continuously-furnished house. Oooh. Making space for things to NOT be there is really key for me. I’m always trying to make space to put something. I rarely make space so that nothing goes there.

With the new room layout, and the increased resting space, I find that I want to be in that entry room all the time now. I want to read in there, host guests in there, sit in there, and just hang out in there. And my family does too, it seems.

So when you’re thinking of moving things around, and you get a chance to make some space for yourself, try it out. You can always put it back later. But that 4 foot square empty wall space has almost immediately given us more breathing room and I know I could use a few more breaths during the day.


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