I’m not ready…

…and I don’t know.

Those two things have stopped me countless times in my life. I don’t know, and I’m not ready. I have needed to be ready and all-knowing my entire life, and I know this will surprise you, but I STILL haven’t become “ready” or “all-knowing.”

The Power in Place, and my personal work within this idea, is ever-evolving. I’ve read a lot of books on how to create a sacred, cleared, perfect, reflective, meditative, clean, inspiring, creative, profound, and comfortable home. All that knowledge has created a few turning points, several awesome parties, a business, and more, but in no way was I ever completely ready, or an expert at the time of those transformative moments. Far from it!

So instead of launching this blog, and hopefully a future business, when I am (and everything else  is) ready, I decided to just start walking the path.

I want to share about the process of creating sacred space, the ideas that lead (and have led) me, and others in my life, to success or even just progress, and honestly, my failures along the way too.

By winnond, published on 09 September 2013
By winnond, published on 09 September 2013

If I pretend it’s always working out perfectly, or I have it all together, I do you (and myself) a dis-service. I make it about perfection and I can’t talk about The Power in Place if I’m only showing you the end result, all nice and polished. I won’t be sharing the power component!

So I’m not ready, and I don’t know, and I want to move forward and begin, anyway.

Join me. We’ll figure it out together.

Please share a moment when you weren’t ready, and how you moved through it to just begin. Your stories will inspire me, and I hope to return the favor!


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