About The Power in Place

While talking with a friend about my relationship to my house and my deep desire to help others use their homes to reflect their ideal life, out fell the words, “…I just want to share with people the power in place!” At the time I said it, I meant the power that can be found in the places we live, or even the places we love to visit. But the phrase also alludes to the power that’s in place to help us lead extraordinary, awesome, and brilliant lives.

We don’t have to chase our dreams, we don’t have to be constantly assured by others that we are deserving of an amazing life, and we don’t have to wait until we get to a certain age, income, expertise, or understanding to tap into the power that’s already in place in our lives.

Our spaces and places are ready to be of service to us. They are ready to provide the safety, clarity, creativity, inspiration, and relaxation that we need to live our best lives. Our homes, places of business and favorite spots reflect back to us what we need to hear and that reflection is often just what we need to experience to tweak a little here and there and improve our lives.

Start where you are, don’t worry about perfection, and join us in the rich conversation about the power in place!



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